Show  your customers, the world who you are.

At Phenotype, we know that every business, no matter the size, has an identity. 

Our job is to make sure that yours shines.

"Working alongside Emma was such an incredible experience. Not having a sure clue of what I wanted in a logo, she was able to gather bits and pieces off of my business page/persona (not really sure the correct term to use but I hope this makes sense) to get a better idea of how I represent, and also how I would like/want to continue representing myself as a company.

I've worked with Emma before in regard to another logo for another company of mine and I am proud to say that I am not surprised as to how everything had turned out. This logo so beautifully represents who I am and what I do. I am overly excited and ecstatic with it!

I'm at a loss for words as I can already see myself rambling about the same things over and over again. Emma has surpassed my overall expectations and had willingly went above and beyond. I appreciate everything you have done for me as well as your understanding throughout the whole project."
Johnathan Dao
CEO, Dayo Inc.